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At Legacy Study Advisers, we are dedicated to helping students shape their future through transformative study abroad experiences.

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Embrace the World, Expand Your Horizons: Legacy Study Advisers

Legacy Study Advisers is a leading consultancy dedicated to helping students unlock their potential through international education.

Our team comprises experienced professionals who have firsthand knowledge of studying abroad and possess a passion for supporting students in their pursuit of academic and personal growth.


United Kingdom

Immerse yourself in a world of top-notch institutions and endless opportunities. Study in the UK and unlock your potential in a globally recognized education hub.

Choose your Country


Experience the best of both education and nature. Study in Australia and enjoy quality education amidst breathtaking landscapes.

United States

Embark on a transformative journey of global education in the USA. With prestigious universities and diverse programs, your possibilities are limitless.


Immerse yourself in a diverse culture while pursuing your academic goals. Discover a welcoming environment and a promising future in Canada.


Explore a rich heritage and diverse cultures while studying in Europe. Embrace an enriching experience that shapes your global perspective.

Why us

Stay updated with the latest visa requirements, scholarships, and university insights.

We provide expert advice, making your study abroad decisions well-informed and helping you find the perfect opportunity to achieve your goals.

Full Visa Application Assistance

Comprehensive visa assistance with free guidance and mock interview training.


Expert support for country, university, and career choices in studying abroad.

Free Consultancy

Free consultancy to help students explore suitable courses and university options.

Qualified Team

Credible consultants offering timely and right decisions, with a focus on career counseling.

Our Services

A Platform That Helps Growth of Your Dreams

Admission Guidance

Count on our application assistance service for flawless and refined applications. We aid with references, evaluate English proficiency, and equip you with essential materials like brochures, prospectuses, and application forms. Your journey to success starts with our comprehensive support.

University Selection

We maximize your admission and financial aid opportunities by helping you select universities at least six months before your intended joining date. Relying on test scores and insights from past students, we ensure a strategic approach to university selection. Your future success is our priority.

Pre- Departure Orientation

Benefit from our expert guidance for seamless pre-arrival preparations, ensuring a smooth transition for your migration, travel, and settlement abroad. We foster connections with fellow students and equip you with a detailed pre-departure brochure, catering to your individual needs. Your journey to a new horizon begins with our dedicated support.

Language Test Preparation

Our expertise lies in IELTS test preparation, featuring British Council Certified Trainers and comprehensive study materials. Additionally, we offer test preparation for Duolingo, PTE, TOEFL, IELTS UKVI, IELTS Life Skills, and IELTS General Training. Get ready to excel in your language proficiency exams with our tailored guidance.

Travel Assistance

Count on us to arrange your flights well in advance, ensuring ideal departure dates and routes at the best discounts. Our team is dedicated to identifying airlines with excess baggage schemes and providing valuable information on special student schemes offered by international carriers. Your journey will be hassle-free and budget-friendly with our expert assistance.

Post-Departure Support

We at Legacy Study Advisers continue to provide our support and help even when you reach a new country. We’ll assist you with: university enrollment, etc.

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I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to study at the prestigious Keele University in the United Kingdom, renowned as one of the top universities worldwide. My deepest appreciation goes to the "Legacy Study Advisers" team for turning my dream into a reality.
Mustafa Babar

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