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Welcome to Legacy Study Advisers, your trusted companion in the pursuit of global education. At Legacy, we understand the transformative power of studying abroad and the immense impact it can have on shaping your future. With this vision in mind, our dedicated team of experienced consultants is committed to guiding and empowering you throughout your study abroad journey.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and academic growth with Legacy Study Advisers. Let us be your guiding light as you explore a world of opportunities and make your mark on the global stage. Together, let’s shape a brighter future through education.


As the Director of Legacy Study Advisers, I am delighted to extend a warm embrace to each one of you.

We believe in fostering a culture of diversity, unity, and understanding. We take pride in connecting students from various backgrounds with prestigious institutions worldwide, fostering a global community of future leaders who will drive positive change in the world.

Your dreams are our priority, and we are here to help you turn those dreams into reality.

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Our Vision at Legacy Study Advisers is to be the leading study abroad consultancy, empowering students to unlock their full potential through global education. We strive to create a world where students can transcend borders, embrace diversity, and become catalysts for positive change in their communities and beyond.
Our Mission is to provide expert study abroad guidance and personalized support to students, enabling them to make informed decisions about their academic journey. We aim to connect aspiring learners with prestigious universities and institutions worldwide, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation.

The most significant and significant lump of your concentrate abroad cost relies upon the kind of capability and organization you pick. Here is a fast outline of the educational expense for various projects in our top objections.

As an international student, meeting entry requirements is crucial for studying abroad. Academic prerequisites, including English language proficiency, vary based on the level of education you wish to pursue. Some courses may require a foundation course before applying for a degree. At LEGACY STUDY ADVISERS, we assess your eligibility for various programs and provide guidance on courses and locations that align with your interests. Let us help you unlock your potential and explore the best opportunities for your academic journey.

Understudy (F and M) visas for new understudies can be given as long as 120 days ahead of the beginning date for a course of study. Sitting tight times for your visa arrangement shift fiercely between nations. You could get it in 3 days or in 90 days, contingent upon the case.

Restrictive proposition, as the name infers, accompanies ‘conditions. At the point when you are offered a ‘restrictive’ offer, it implies that you really want to satisfy specific standards, concerning imprints and scholastic necessities, to get confirmations at the college though a genuine deal letter resembles a last acknowledgment letter. It implies that an understudy has been acknowledged by the college since.

Numerous understudies who leave their usual range of familiarity might experience culture shock, Yearning to go home or depression, monetary issues, and language hindrances. Make sure to consider these difficulties to be a chance for personal development, and the advantages of concentrating on abroad will extraordinarily offset the troubles. Concentrating Abroad is an inconceivable extraordinary encounter, however before you

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